A small app in progress

21 Jan 2016

A small app in progress

Now i basically know how to deploy to heroku (and they got a mongodb labs addon, so got db stuff “ok”) so now I know where and how to deploy the app! Now I just gotta get the steps left to cleared and a bit knowledge so that we can start producing the application!!

Mongo, heroku (no moongoose)

MongoDb basics done, gonna do mongodb vanilla (no mongoose schema stuff..!)

Auth and Express

Express-stormpath - Bootstrap auth etc


scotch yo - auth !!

https://scotch.io/tutorials/easy-node-authentication-setup-and-local (this post also contain some good points on how to structure your express app, and how to maintain secrets etc) =]

Scotch json api keys

https://scotch.io/tutorials/authenticate-a-node-js-api-with-json-web-tokens The plan is to build a backend api so this link will be useful i guess

More about the project/app

More about the project


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