Fullstack mountain

27 Dec 2015

Fullstack mountain

All things are turning Javascript

Having the entire fall working solely with Javascript (angular 1.4.x), I feel the mountain/dream of getting fullstack with JS is getting closer and closer. Also, almost the entire office wants to learn and get involved working with Angular. I’ve been reading more and more about how projects are going for a full JS approach, recently Wordpress Admin UI has gone full JS and rely on a REST-API for data and presentation and interaction with JS client. Read more about the Wordpress.com going JS here: developer.wordpress.com/calypso.

2014” The rise of web-apps reached my screens.

Myself, I feel that the deeper i go into the hole of Javascript, I felt early 2014, that all things started going in the direction of Javascript controlled enviroments/solutions.

The fall

I’ve been doing Angular/Ajax things for the entirety of 2015. And during the fall and winter it has been all about Angular. I’ve come across alot of communitys (Most of all angularbuddies on slack Sign up) wich has helped me be brave throughout the fall. I’ve read up alot on diffrent scope management techniques and learnt alot about how services work and managed to do some errorous using of them.

Not sure how or what I actually did, but it was some kind of circular dependancy thing. We stored things in services sort of, wich in turn made things not so great.


The fall also started of with me working quite solo on the Angular parts, wich made me have to work alot on the architecture and how things were meant to work going forward. Also, beeing the one and only in charge meant I had to teach and instruct others how it was meant to work. And trying to teach and learn others how Anuglar works made me understsand it better myself (not sure the ones I tried to teach had the same experience).

The new stuff

In the meanting working with the project, I took on learning and checking out some React. In the starting pits of the project, we had a research stage where we investigated what technologies we would use to solve the problems we knew we would come across and have to solve during the project. I tried measuring Angular vs React, but I had to take my knowledge of already known Angular resources and the great marketing team over at Google, and the headstart they already had in market shares over let’s say React.

However there were moments in which I took some time to try in learning and experimenting more with React than I had. The experience I have with React is that it is so big and takes alot of backend knowledge and back-end like mentality and knowledge.

TypeScript, NG2

I also took some time too and with help of the Angularbuddies-slack I came across some Angular2 clips and articles, presenting and showing how Angular2-apps works and gets developed. It appears that alot of what most of my peers think is bad with Javascript (typeless ness, the dynamical and free-moving anarchistic parts) will be dealt with in TypeScript, in turn, Angular2 (ng2) is written in TypeScript.

Also in turn, React looks alot like NG2 and the TypeScript things that I have seen.

“Future and Present” - Components

Also parts of the new things I’ve learnt have in turn almost everytime felt like the next step in my Angular learning curve. The parts on turning things into components came in a time where I felt that the issues I were having with the project were due to us/me not having split things up into more manable components/ or for us directives (at the time).

Summary and Conclusion

The more I learn of the current, the more I learn and come across difficulties and barriers, I look to the horizon for aid. The future holds more Javascript, but we will come to call it TypeScript. Tools will help more, also frameworks like ng2 and React will make the ride a bit faster and hopefully smoother.

Fear of the unknown

Coming across new technologies and in some ways languages, there are also new methologies, like Classes.. oh.. Do you have to use them? Are they just there for aid? I’m not sure how to approach that. Should I start reading Java, or just search for how to work and structure classes best practices, or what? Time will tell I guess.

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