Fullstack Dreams still here

Been looking at some AngularJS tutorials, “AngularJS app from the beginning”. Most of the vids I’ve begun watching covers the whole process but most of them use alot of pre-defined modules straight from Visual Studio, and alot of the workflow comes from knowing just wich menu does what. That part really doesn’t appeal to me.

First and foremost I want to know what is going on, and what code gets generated where and why. The other thing is that I want to be OS and plattform independant.


Then I found this Mean.io framework or something, all that MEAN stands for is all of the things that you need to build fullstack applications.

This means that the fullstackJS still is true!

Age, wisdom & patience

However I am getting older, and the frustration with Visual Studio and about how slow it is and doing anything takes a long time & the bloated editor.. This might be something I will settle with and start using now with my newly gained year (25).

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